Why it is important to have a job

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Having a job is extremely important for several reasons that everyone needs to know.

Having a job

Many people would rather stay at home and have fun all day long than going to work. For them, work is one of the many obligations they have to meet on a daily basis and nothing more. It shouldn't have to be that way though. Work consumes a lot of your time on a daily basis, and if we don't manage to understand how important it is for us, we are going to be miserable.

Allow your creativity to flourish

While creativity certainly means something different for an artist, an actor or a writer, that does not mean that there is no room for creativity in other professions as well. Every person can look deep into his soul, pick something he wants to express and find a way to share it with the rest of the world by proving to be useful at the same time. Let your creativity flourish while you are working and you will be surprised by this amazing sense of relief that will overwhelm you, as well as by the wonderful results.

Feel useful

While not every person is willing to admit that, it is however true that there is no person in the world that does not want to feel useful. Having a job that makes you feel useful gives your life a meaningful purpose, as you feel your efforts have a positive impact on others around you. You don't have to be a doctor or a teacher to feel useful through your job though. If serving others is a priority to you, if you really enjoy your job and if you constantly strive for the best possible outcome, then it is for certain that you will be good enough. Feeling useful will give your self esteem and your self confidence a great boost that will encourage you to keep on trying for the best.

Make ends meet

A job can definitely help you make ends meet. That translates into being able to pay for the bills, make purchases that can make your life easier, as well as enjoy services that can bring you joy. Without a job, you won't be able to support yourself and provide for your family, unless you come from a rich family and millions are deposited into your bank account. Even if you don't exactly love your job, you certainly love what this job offers you in terms of money, and this is good enough reason to keep working.

Learn how to interact with others

While working, you get the chance to interact with other people on a daily basis, for several hours. This gives you a great opportunity to learn to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Even if you happen to work with people you don't like very much, you will still gain from the experience, as you will learn how to control yourself, think before you act and use the right words to express your thoughts.

It is really worth it

Having a job is extremely important, as it allows your creativity to flourish, helps you feel useful, make ends meet and interact properly with others.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

All good reasons to have a job.

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
22nd Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks Jerry!

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author avatar Denise O
24th Nov 2010 (#)

Maria, last week while I was still in the bed with the flu, I wrote on my tablet by my bed.
All play and no work. Makes
Denise a dull girl.
Good job hon.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
29th Nov 2010 (#)

Haha, glad i helped...

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author avatar D in The Darling
29th Nov 2010 (#)

The importance of a job, just any job can never be overemphasized!
It's a must!

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author avatar Urmommaissofat
16th Nov 2011 (#)

god, this was good, i used it in my essay for school, thankss babe ;)

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author avatar ZakMiller
10th Feb 2013 (#)

The social pressure to have a job dates back to the middle ages, when kings ruled in hierarchical fashion. It is not a new idea born of early America, it dates back to the cruelty of Medieval Europe. It has little reality in modern ages, and while those are positive things you listed, they do not apply to everyone and the idea that "Everyone should have a job" is as antiquated as leeches as medicine.

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author avatar Nyck
19th May 2013 (#)

What have we become to equate work with job... two completely different things.

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author avatar Shalaylaybuquesha
3rd Dec 2013 (#)

"Tell us what you think"
I don't know what I think

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author avatar Shalaylaybuquesha
3rd Dec 2013 (#)


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